If your bicycle is starting to act funny and give you trouble starting or stopping, bicycle spoke replacement may be the only option. A cracked or weak bicycle spoke can cause quite a mess on your wheel. When this happens the spokeshave seized up and are no longer effective in slowing or stopping the bicycle. To fix this problem, all you have to do is remove the wheel spokes and replace them with new ones.

Spoke Key

To perform bicycle spoke replacement you must first locate your bicycle spoke key. It is located near the handlebar as you would notice it. Once you have located it you must take off the spoke hood to expose the key and then take off the old spoke that is holding the new spoke key in place.

Take out your new spoke key and insert it into the corresponding spoke that is currently holding the old spoke in place. It must be a standard size or diameter. Once you have aligned it correctly then you must proceed to screw the new spoke to the existing speak that is connected to the chain. Remember to keep going until you hear a click when you tighten or unscrew the bolt. You must keep going until you are satisfied that the chain and the spokes are properly lined up. Then, you can start over with your new spoke and chain and continue the process.


Bicycle spoke replacement doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes it is cheaper to replace a cracked or damaged spoke rather than purchasing a new one. The process is the same. You still want to buy a high-quality product so you don’t get an inferior product and you still want the price tag to be as low as possible.

Sometimes expensive spokes are even easier to replace. In those cases, you will need to take your bicycle into your local bicycle shop. They will likely use a guide to show you how to replace the spokes. The disadvantage of this is that it may be more difficult to change the spoke tension compared to the radial tension-type of a wheel. This can make you have to pay a little more money, but the convenience of completing the job in the shop makes up for the extra cost.


Bicycle spoke replacement isn’t always simple. If your bicycle is particularly old, you may need to replace the entire wheel. If the spokes are severely damaged or completely broken, the only logical solution is to remove the wheel and repair the spokes themselves. A complete wheel replacement usually involves replacing both the inner and outer rim and the braking callipers and rotors. Depending on your vehicle, this could involve taking out the tire and rebuilding it, or it could simply mean replacing the spokes to produce radial trueness.

bike spoke replacement


When you’re ready for a bicycle spoke replacement, you first need to have a good understanding of the different components involved. For starters, you should know that the inner rim goes on the inside of the bicycle frame, while the outer rim goes on the outside. The inner rim goes on first, then the outer rim. Truing stands are used to help keep the spokes secure in place and to keep the wheel assembly together.

You have many options when it comes to replacing bicycle spokes. Some people opt for a set of bicycle spoke replacement parts that they can use interchangeably with each other. This is a good option if you want to save money since you won’t have to purchase new replacements every time you change the sprocket arrangement. This also works well if you only have one set of bicycle spokes, as it will keep the cost of your repair down to a minimum. You can buy a bicycle spoke replacement parts at most bicycle stores, though you should check with your dealer or the authorized bike distributor to make sure you get parts that are the right size.

If you have two sets of bicycle spokes, both of which are slightly out of line, one set may be slightly more out of line than the other. In this case, you’ll need to go to a bicycle shop and have each set measured so that you know the extent of the out-of-lineness. Bicycle shops usually have the equipment to measure both sets of spokes, though you may be able to purchase them separately if you don’t want to go to a bicycle shop.…