How does a mountain bike suspension system work? Mountain Biking Suspension(MBS) is engineered to give the cyclist of their mountain bike an enhanced riding experience by adjusting the force and stroke/flexure rates of their suspension. The purpose of this is two-fold; one is to reduce the stress on the front suspension, and the other is to enhance the stiffness of the tires and the shock-absorbing ability of the suspension itself. There are many different types of mountain bike suspension systems available. Some of these include independently adjustable rebound, multi-link rear suspension, and the previously mentioned hydraulic ones.

Popular Systems

The most common type of suspension, and probably the one you are most familiar with, is the sprung system. This is a two-part suspension system that uses the pressure of a lever connected to the seat rails to extend the shock absorbers. A shock-absorbing plate (also known as a shock tube) is mounted to each side of the fork and applies the pressure to the springs, which in turn adds tension to the springs and holds it in place. In addition to adding tension to the suspension, these systems also add stability to the forks and make steering easier. These benefits lead to better performance from both the engine and the brakes.

The most expensive components for a mountain bike suspension system are the shock absorbers and the tire tube. They act as a strainer to slow the wheels of the bicycle by absorbing energy. The purpose of these is to reduce the pressure that is transmitted to the pedals through the suspension. The tire tube also functions as a tire valve, diverting away pressure to the tires as the wheel starts to slow down.

mountain bike suspension tuning

Suspension Tuning

Suspension Tuning Service is very important for mountain bikes that are not frequently exposed to harsh climatic conditions. For such bikes, you can opt for a lower profile fork that will add stiffness to the bike’s suspension system. This will reduce the shock-absorbing capability of your mountain bike suspension and will allow it to absorb the shock better. If you wish to upgrade the entire suspension system of your mountain bike, you can seek the help of an experienced technician. The technician may be able to replace some of the springs and shock absorbers of your suspension system and this will enable it to function at its optimum level.

You should always ensure that you provide your mountain bike suspension tuning service permanently and after every riding session. This will enable the parts of your suspension system to wear out at regular intervals, which in turn will maximize the durability of these parts. Always choose a reputable service provider who offers constant free service to their clients. By doing this, you will be able to reduce the chances of a premature breakdown of these components. While mountain bike riding is all about experiencing the greatest fun on two wheels, one should ensure that these tires are not damaged due to frequent use. Always make it a point to replace worn-out tires as soon as possible because by doing so, you will be able to ride comfortably on your mountain bike for a long time. You will also save a lot of money by not having to buy new ones now and then. So go on, challenge yourself and hit the trails, it’s good fun!